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You Can Earn an Award, Signed by the President, for Square Dancing!

What better way to get your friends involved than to have them see your
personalized certificate of achievement from the President of the United States?  

The Presidential Sports Award program was developed by the President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports in 1972 in conjunction with national sports organizations and associations.  Its purpose is to motivate all Americans to become more physically active throughout life, and emphasizes regular exercise rather than outstanding performance.

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The above program has been broken into two programs.  Active Lifestyle Program and the Presidential Champions Program.

To see how to start a community activity (square dance clubs are a community activity):
For award information:
To see the various awards and certificates signed by the President (click on awards):


The President’s Challenge informed Save Square Dancing--"Square Dancing classifies as General, Fast Under the dancing category when logging your activity.  The Champions program is a strictly online program using our site to calculate points.  We apologize for the inconvenience as we know not everyone has internet access.  Although the champions program is strictly online, the active lifestyle program can be completed using just a paper log.  The information can be downloaded at the following location on our site:

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