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Lloyd Shaw Foundation is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and teaching of the folk dances of America.

Alliance for Round, Traditional and Square-Dance (ARTS)

Callerlab is an organization of leaders in the square dance community.

Legacy is an organization representing all facets of square dancing.

United Square Dancers of America is the world's largest square dancer association.

International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs is an umbrella organization for gay square dance clubs in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

American Callers Association was established to work for its members and with the square dance activity to do what can be done to make square dancing bigger and better for all.

Gay Callers Association is an international organization consisting of individuals who participate in and promote gay and lesbian square dance activities.  GCA is open to everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, ethnic background, or sexual orientation.

Western Square Dancing a gateway to resources on the internet related to square and round dancing.

America's Clogging Hall of Fame is dedicated to the preservation of the old time square dance and clogging.

Country Dance and Song Society.  Traditional and historical dances.  Yearly workshops and leadership programs.

History and Heritage of American Square Dancing articles and links relating to the history of square dancing.

Ghost Riders Square Dance Band 

The Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival is a competitive festival for pre-teen and teen square dancers, square dance callers, and round dancers to display their accomplishments. meet new friends and dance within their own age group. offers free sub-domain hosting and e-mail alias/forwarding for a one time $25 setup fee.  e.g.,

US Handicapable Square Dance Association to keep square dancing alive for the fun of it.

Dancing for Busy People.  Books, articles, and reference materials for callers and recreation leaders.  Community dance program information.

List of square dance conventions, festivals and events.

"Original" Sets-In-Order Square Dance Diplomas.  Also Round, Clogging, Contra and Certificate of Appreciation .

Dance a While: Handbook for Folk, Square, Contra, and Social Dance is the basic book for recreational dance.  Comprehensive presentation encompasses five major forms of dance-folk, square, contra, American, and social.  Available from Wal-Mart, Alibris, and the Pearson Technology Group 


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